OMEVA – Water

A film by Sarah Sandring and Oshosheni Hiveluah in collaboration with young filmmakers from Ohangwena

BMZ, 45 min, 2016

“They always say a hungry man is an angry man. But how about the thirsty one?”

Eugenia Ndina Matheus

Watch: OMEVA- Water (Oshivambo, English, SUB German)


“We live in the North of Namibia, close to the border of Angola, in an area called Ohangwena. Kwanyama people have been living on this land for many generations and have always known how to find water in the dry season. But lately, things are changing. The air seems to be made of dust only. People and cattle often go thirsty.

This is a story about water.
And about what happens if it is gone.”

OMEVA is a documentary collaboration between professional filmmakers and five young people from Ohangwena, one of the most drought-ridden areas of Namibia. The film interweaves the young filmmakers’ personal experiences with stories of water from their community. – A rare glimpse at life in an increasingly dry part of the world told by those living in it every day.

This film was made within the Namibia Youth Film Project.

2016 Jury’s Special Prize in the International Section, Green Film Festival, Teheran, Iran
2017 24th Television Workshop Development Politics, Frankfurt, Germany
2016 6th Africa International Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
2016 5th Iran International Green Film Festival, Teheran, Iran
A film with: Tatekulu Petrus Nande, Andrew and Lamek Hailulu, Eugenia Ndina Matheus and Lebbeus Hamalwa
Youth filmmakers: Ndilipomwene Haimbodi, Ruth Ndjuluwa, Teofilus Paulus, Komesho Salatiel, Johanna Shinana
Directed by Sarah Sandring and Oshosheni Hiveluah
Director of Photography: Sarah Sandring
Film Editor: Catrin Voigt, bfs
Music: Johannes Koeniger
Sound Recordist: Silvanus Amaambo
Postproduction: Studio Mitte
Color Grading: Claudia Gittel
Graphic Design: Sheila Seyfert-Menzel
A Nirgun Films production in cooperation with EcoKids Namibia.
Financed by the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Details: Documentary, 45 min, HD, 16:9, Color, Dolby 5.1, DE, Language: Oshivambo, English, SUB: English, German, © 2016 BGR